Saturday, March 28, 2015

This is not a gap year

There has been a gap, however. It's been an odd and somewhat stressful year so far due to a sick parent and too much money given to Ryanair. It's also become exciting as we have a Sale Agreed on our house and it's all systems go trying to get the new place ready to move into. Or at least to camp outside in the camper van - it will probably come to that as the buyers have their house sold and are renting.

This is the state the house is in at the moment:

There's works been going on all around the house putting in the pipes etc for the waste water system - the septic tank is arriving on Monday. Jan and John Paul have been working away with the digger and measuring devices.

And Joe has been keeping an anxious eye.

Health n Safety wouldn't be too happy with this:

Ladders straddling the trench, three legs only on land. But needs must. The sofit (I think) had to be put up so the garage was empty for the guys who are going to be doing the plastering to put stuff. Or something.

And the inside, pre-plaster. This is the kitchen.

And the upstairs sitting room.

Better go and get some fuel in now - there's rain promised, and there's a barrel rolling around in the wind on the lawn. Not sure where that's come from.

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