Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cornwall stories (aka holiday pics)

So Winter Solstice has been out of the water in Portumna having a few things sorted and Joe, Aoife-the-dog and I have been in Cornwall in the camper van. Plenty of boat stuff there - a lot of coastline in Cornwall.

And gulls. Lots of gulls doing this sort of thing (note barbecue in foreground):

Some weird rock formations too. This is a tor on Bodmin Moor called the Cheesewring - apparently it resembles a device once used for making cheese.

It's close to a small village called Minions, along with two stone circles that have very little atmosphere at this time of year. Too many people. So many people even when you walk into the moor.

You could, however, imagine this on a misty night as the winter solstice (not, of course, the boat) approaches, all alone, car broken down, possibly nursing a sprained ankle, the wind keening round the stones keeping ghosts company, the hound howling in the distance, coming closer ...

And then there was the glorious coastline, though no more beautiful than Ireland.

We were in a campsite right out at the west - the further west you went, the lovelier and quieter it was. People in St Ives were talking of it as though it were the ultimate back-of-beyond, a bit like people in Scarriff (7 miles away) talk of where I live. The light is similar to the west of Ireland - clear and blue.

All around were reminders of Cornwall's tin-mining days:

The BBC are making a new series of Poldark here - the tin-mining-family saga set in the 18th century and based on the books of Winston Graham. The set had been created around some of these old buildings just off the coastal walk. They were filming as we walked past. Apparently there's some heartthrob actor in the role of Ross Poldark, the romantic lead.

One of the most beautiful things about this area was the wild flowers along walls, roadsides, banks. You can see the red campion in the forefront of the photo above - it was in flower everywhere.

I'd intended to write about progress on the new house, but this came out instead. More house bulletins soon.

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