Thursday, March 14, 2013

Silver Solstice

Winter Solstice has turned silver, not in old age but in new paint. This is the first coat of aluminium primer. Following this will be a smoother coat of silver, then white, then ivory.

The hull was in excellent condition. Eamon told us the original pencil markings showing the position of the rubbing strake were still there as though they'd been drawn today.

She really is VERY silver.

Actually I think she's turned into a space ship. Or possibly an airship. Do airships have rudders? Probably not. Also I suspect an airship doesn't need a rubbing strake and this vessel definitely has one of those, or, on this starboard side, half of one as a section needed replacing. The original, some of which is still there, is made of cedar. Unusual according to Eamon.

So all is well with the hull. And ha! She is still a boat.

This was the good bit. Inside the doghouse and saloon was Fergal mechanicing. Had been for some time. The two engines were open in doghouse and saloon and many many jobs were being done. The list in the open book was scary. It's a wonder we and the boat have survived, the things that were not right engine-wise. 

And the dust and filth. 

We'll go up before she goes back in the water with hoover and sanding gear and do some work on the coachhouse and maybe inside too. We don't get an in-the-shed opportunity very often.

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