Saturday, August 11, 2012

Launching of the boat

Holy Island from Knockafort
An unexpected invitation to celebrate the launching of a boat. Doug had built an Ian Oughtred designed boat and it was ready for the water. There are two masts yet to be stepped, and no sails, but there are four oars. It was Thursday, that first true summer's day, and this was just what we needed. We'd been in Feakle the night before, playing at a session, bed at 4.30. Sunshine and water would bring us back to reality.

Ian Oughtred boats always have beautiful lines and look gorgeous in or out of the water. This one was no different.

Preparing for launch
We'd drank the wine (or in our case orange juice, an after-the-night-before necessity), all the witnesses were assembled, and into the water she went.

Afloat in calm waters (and a tilted horizon)
The family were the first to take her out, as is only right. The boat needs three people to make the most of her. Two at the oars and one at the rudder. They disappeared towards Holy Island on their inaugural voyage having been sent off by first a piper then two flutes and a banjo.

Out into the misty distance

Joe and I played The Launching of the Boat. After that it was all water themed. Out on the Ocean, Ships are Sailing and so on until we ran out of ideas. Then the swimming togs came out. I've never swam from here before - or launched a boat from here for that matter - but it seems you can swim out to the reeds you see in the photo and stand on the sandy bottom. A destination!

Get set
And they're off

The first party returned from their maiden voyage. The boat behaved beautifully. Everything worked.

Rowing through reflections
 Suddenly I wanted to be in the water too, the first time this summer I'd even entertained the idea - for obvious shite weather reasons. But I'd no togs. No towel. However, there is always underwear... Collette and I went in together - she had togs and towel. Silky lukewarm water. Head under to ease the hangover. Out to the gap between the reeds to stand on the sandy bottom but oh god feet down and slimy river weeds with likely slimy things living in them. Gulp.

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