Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hole in the hull

Oh dear
The red arrow is pointing at a hole. Surrounding the hole is the hull of Winter Solstice. We were in Garrykennedy when Joe started poking and scraping at a bit of bubbling paint. I was walking the dogs, or knitting, or reading the paper so was oblivious until he suggested I have a look in the lazarette (the underseat locker) in the cockpit. In the bottom corner I could see a bright light.

Down in the lazarette
Sunshine was reflecting off the water and illuminating the inside of the boat. I'm reluctant to write this overused phrase but OH MY GOD!

Joe was altogether relaxed. It's no problem he said. All the rot is cleaned out and I have plenty of the right sort of filler. I just have to put this wood hardener onto it first and let it dry.

'Will you have it done before we go to bed?' I asked.

'Of course.'

A while later and Joe was lighting the barbecue.

'Are you going to fill the hole yet?'

I'm trying not to think of similar rotting timber under the water line. The boat was surveyed two years ago and everything was sound. There is no water leaking into the bilges. But this winter we'll give her a thorough check. We're going to take her out of the water to have a couple of jobs done and I think I'll go over every inch tap tap tapping with a little hammer.

Now we have the covers off the boat we're vulnerable to leaks in the forecabin. There was rain forecast for the evening, so time to put on the small tarpaulin we call the bimini. We're planning to have a proper one made, but in the meantime this does the job. Tricky to put on in the wind though.

We watched the sun going down over the Sliabh Aughty mountains where we live. Summer weather at last.

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