Friday, May 11, 2012

Storms and sunshine on the boat

Hail stones. Thunder. Navy blue sky and lightning. I couldn't get out of the boat in this. It had been beautiful all the way down from Athlone. I was bringing the boat while Joe did train and bike, and just as I turned into the new Shannonbridge jetties it started. By the time I'd turned the boat to face upstream the decks were white with hail. I waited. And waited. Good thing the engine was going so the dogs didn't get in a tiz with the thunder.

Finally there was a break, but it was going to be small. There was another half-sky of navy blue coming. Safely tied up and it all started again. But at least I could relax now and wait for Joe.

So we're back south. We left Albert Marina on Saturday for the last time and did bike and car shuttling as far as Tarmonbarry. Here's the beauty without her covers in the sunshine.

And that's all I'm writing for now. More will appear in my IWN article, but that won't be online for a while. And I'm in a fierce rush. I have to get ready to go back up to Shannonbridge so we can bring Winter Solstice back to Lough Derg. Garden stuff to do. Things to pack.

More after the weekend.

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