Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lough Derg but no boat

A visit to Dromaan for dinner. We used to regularly keep Winter Solstice here for the dark season, but haven't been on Derg now for a couple of years, so it was nice to visit someone else's boat there. As second best choice, and lacking a floating vessel, we went in the van. There's not much to say except we ate well and were EXTREMELY WARM on the wonderfully revamped Knocknagow. A wonder on a chilly December night. And here's the splendid craft leaving harbour the next morning.

It was strange to be in Dromaan. We've spent so much time in and around there, either in the harbour itself or in Williamstown at Angus Leavy's. It's a lot tidier these days than it used to be with pathways and mowed grass instead of briars and gorse bushes.

I noted Imram was still there. This is a solid-looking green sailing boat that rarely seems to go anywhere, spending its time between Dromaan and Mountshannon.

The views from this harbour are among the sweetest on the lake. IMHO.

And cheerio Knocknagow. Disappearing into the sunlight.

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