Sunday, June 19, 2011

Clogher Head, Dingle

Long time no blog. But here we go again with a few photos.

Clogher Head at the western tip of the Dingle Peninsula. Which I suppose I should call Daingean, except Daingean to me is the small town on the Grand Canal. And I don't think anyone does call Dingle Daingean.

Still Clogher Head. There's a troll's house in the distance. We parked the van in a small car park and woke to a wild sea.

Later we were in Dingle town and walked into the Dillon Gallery. Paintings of exactly this sea covered the walls. They were by Honora O'Neill who lives in Clogher. She'd completely captured the light and the movement of the water.

Excellent chowder in Dingle/Daingean. Every eatery was selling it but we went into the Goat Street Cafe in the end. Partly because it was a bit out of town, partly because it looked like a place where local people ate, and partly because of the name. Years ago - more years ago than I care to remember - we were in a small wholefood shop/cafe somewhere in Dingle. As we sat drinking tea a herd of goats was shooed past our table, in at the back door and out at the front.