Friday, January 28, 2011

A salon affair

Today we had the first Gortavrulla Literary Salon. This was not simply an excuse for a good lunch and a bottle of Sancerre. There was serious literary talk (honestly) and not very much scandal at all.

There is an honourable history for the literary salon. The concept first appeared in 15th century Venice when an elite group of women began gathering informally to discuss art, literature, politics and science. A century later and it had become very fashionable in France, where the gatherings were so informal they would frequently be held in the bedroom. The hostess would recline in her bed while her friends gathered around.

A chaise longue would be the perfect thing here. One each, preferable, for recovering from the lunch while continuing the erudite conversation.

This was only the beginning of a cultural weekend. Joe and I are going to London tomorrow til Monday - my treat for his birthday. A play at the Almeida Theatre - we're going to see Becky Shaw, a play by Gina Gionfriddo that is, so it says, a biting American comedy. It got four stars off the Guardian so we hope it will be good. There are other plans afoot including a couple of restaurants which I can't write about yet because they are a surprise for Joe and there is still time for him to read this blog before we go. Also an exhibition of modern British sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts in Piccadilly.

I'd better go to bed. We have an early(ish) flight and a long day ahead.

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