Wednesday, October 20, 2010

More camper van...

The camper van search continues. The van in Prestatyn was no good. Too rattley, the wood too plasticky. Too expensive for what it was.

So tomorrow I have to get up at quarter to five, drive to Shannon, take a plane to Birmingham, get on a train to Coventry, look at and hopefully buy the van I'm going to see - like the one in Chorley, a 2004 (or is it 2005) private sale. Then I get on a train to Crewe, stay the night with my parents and fly home with Ryanair from Liverpool on Friday. The plane tomorrow is Aer Lingus. I have a horrible feeling it's a wind-up yoke. I don't much like the small propeller planes. Don't much like flying. I'll be on the valerian and Stugeron again.

Better go to bed.

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