Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting (very) wet

So here we are back in Enniskillen. We had a great day yesterday. Began at Quivvy Marina where we'd arrived on Monday mid-afternoon. On Tuesday morning we returned to Crom Castle in glorious hot sunshine. First a walk with the dogs to the old castle. This is Aoife's favourite walk at the moment. The gravelly path changes to short soft grass where she can do her diving roll. Both dogs rolled and ran and rolled again. After a decadent lunch (glass of chilled white) we took the bikes around the Crom estate. The new castle is very imposing. You can rent the west wing of it. Not for those of us on ordinary incomes I don't suppose. Wonder whether it comes complete with ghost.

Last night we went to Carrybridge - there we are tucked in the bottom right hand corner of the photo with the dinghy attached. Our friend Helen Elliott was to pick us up and bring us to Enniskillen for dinner. First we needed to walk the hounds. Carrybridge isn't great for this, so we headed along the road and down to the marina that straggles along the shore. At the furthest point we turned and saw the weather approaching. Black, with curtains of rain. The boat hatches were open, as was the canopy. We were ten minutes away. Before we'd even left the marina the rain began. Big heavy torrents of it.

I arrived back first with Frankie who can move faster than Aoife who is contrary and refuses to move if you try to make her do something she doesn't like. There was a broad puddle on the seat in the cockpit. The floor was in flood. Inside the table had caught most of the water. I had the hatches closed when Joe arrived with Aoife under his arm. We were both drenched. Halfway through the mopping up Joe noticed another torrent pouring onto my bed. A pair of trousers had caught a lot of that. Jesus the rain that came down. It was plastic covers and duck tape and newspapers strewn and towels mopping.

Next time check the approaching clouds before leaving the boat unhatched.

Hope to get in some sailing this afternoon. Going up to Wetherspoons in a minute to upload this and check the emails. Free WiFi there. I won't drink the coffee this time though.

Ha. And here we are in Wetherspoons. Or here I am. Joe's gone off in search of chutney. He's gone to the deli so will probably come back with handfuls of cheese and salami and who knows what else. Looks like a decadent lunch again.

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